The PRC White Papers are a feature of the government’s diplomacy, offering the rationale for government policy—particularly on issues of international interest or concern. Because the state makes these documents available in English, they provide a window into how the Chinese state wants international audiences to view the developments in Xinjiang. For a critical view of the Chinese government positions, please refer to the Academic Publications and Critical Policy and Human Rights Papers sections.

This collection features Chinese-language handbooks designed to instruct cadres on how to implement campaigns targeting Xinjiang’s ethnic minority populations. These “internal materials” (内部资料) are intended for those carrying out campaigns on the ground in the region, and they offer insight into how the state conceives of the goals, scope, and underlying logic of its anti-extremist and poverty alleviation policies.

This collection features a variety of Chinese government sources made available on the internet. They range from official policy documents published on state websites to articles and blog entries written by journalists and participants in campaigns. In addition to providing an on-the-ground window into events in Xinjiang, they also document how knowledge of these events is being presented to a Chinese-language audience.

The Official State Media section covers an array of programming presented by Chinese state-run media companies like China Global Television Network (CGTN), China Live, China News Service, and more. The following collection showcases the PRC government’s perspective and stance regarding conditions within Xinjiang and the treatment of Indigenous populations in the region. These clips feature site visits to re-education centres, conversations with graduates from these centres, and investigative reports.

Leaked documents published on third-party platforms and international journals.