Originally released in 2017, “Learning and Identifying 75 Religious Extreme Activities in Parts of Xinjiang” highlighted different activities and behaviors deemed to be indicative of religious extremism by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Party of China. Community members were encouraged to report individuals to the police for engaging in any of the activities aforementioned. These activities include but are not limited to suddenly quitting smoking or drinking, abnormal communication with neighbors, and men having long beards or wearing short-legged pants. Dr. Darren Byler has archived, annotated, and translated this document into English from the original Chinese text. The original piece has been archived here and can also be found below. For more contextualized information regarding these documents, review the following Chinese articles: Some areas in Xinjiang learn to identify 75 kinds of religious extremist activities and Local people in Xinjiang organized people to identify 75 religious extreme activities.


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This version has been translated into English and provides annotations throughout.



Thanks to Dr. Darren Byler for generously sharing this source, the annotations, and the translation.