This section includes materials designed for classroom use in university or advanced secondary schools. It draws on materials from colleagues who are teaching about Xinjiang and related topics. It also offers materials compiled by our project. We welcome any ideas and teaching materials you may wish to share.
Our goal is to provide materials that teachers can copy and use in current classes or examples they can consult in developing new modules. Please provide any feedback, insight, or work you would like to share with us at

To learn more about how teachers and students can use the Xinjiang Documentation Project in the classroom, please refer to our website guide in Education about Asia.

Creative projects made to preserve Uyghur culture and show solidarity towards those still imprisoned.

List of documentaries from international media outlets chronicling developments in Xinjiang.

This section introduces a variety of podcasts from different news media outlets, research institutes, and think tanks.

Lesson plans for educators and syllabi suitable for different disciplines at various levels.

Collections of other forms of counterterrorism propaganda campaigns and other related artwork in Xinjiang since 2017.