This page contains an archive of propaganda images, popular artwork, and other related visual materials that have specifically promoted Chinese state values over the cultural and religious traditions of minorities in Xinjiang.

This section is a collection of comics, interactive long-form articles, and visual narratives that highlight the lived experiences of individuals within the Turkic Muslim diaspora. These stories provide personal insights and anecdotes into developments within the region and community perspectives.

Peasant paintings are common throughout the People’s Republic of China and play an important role in Chinese folk art. These colourful paintings are found throughout the countryside promoting Chinese pride and aspirations. However, oftentimes in Xinjiang, these paintings have been used as a tool to encourage ethnic assimilation and portray Turkic Muslim communities that do not adhere to Party values as radical secessionists.

This page contains a collection of infographics relevant for use in teaching current Xinjiang affairs. Click on the titles or the infographic preview to access the full-size version for download.