Construction on the Optimization of Grid-based Management System in Xinjiang

Chen Mengyuan, “Construction on the Optimization of Grid-based Management System in Xinjiang,” 2017.

陈梦媛: 〈新疆网格化治理体系的优化研究〉,《新疆师范大学2017 届硕士学位论文》。


Chen’s thesis discusses the technological and management systems that could optimize government control in Xinjiang to ensure “stability and development.” The article discusses the “need” for such systems to exist, their current deployment in Xinjiang, and further policy improvements.

English Abstract

The second central Xinjiang Work Forum meeting,the Party committee of Xinjiang autonomous region of the eight session of the eight and nine first plenary session (enlarged) Conference on innovation and optimization of sustained attention and exploration of public safety management system in Xinjiang, the innovation and optimization of the system on the stability and development of Xinjiang the necessity and importance. Xinjiang must all work objectives focus on social stability and long period of stability, grid-based management around the general goal function from the governance structure, under the support of information technology, to redesign the grass-roots governance mechanism, system construction of Xinjiang grid-based management adhere to the“active prevention, prevention oriented” concept three-dimensional weaving, public security prevention and control network from the five dimensions, from the source to eliminate the contradictions and conflicts, safeguard social stability and achieve stability and unity of the motherland long period of stability in Xinjiang. However, Xinjiang is faced with the steady development of the two “three overlay”, facing the challenge of counter-terrorism task is still grim. Grid-based management in Xinjiang since the implementation of the maintenance of social stability, improve people’s livelihood, promote the great achievements of ethnic and religious harmony and other aspects, but the problems have gradually emerged and complicated. Therefore, based on the in the construction of Xinjiang grid system of governance, explore and summarize the existing problems and find the optimization scheme without delay.

This paper is divided into six parts. The first part, the introduction part presents the background and significance of this study, the Grid-based management is to optimize public security governance, analyze the theory and practice in the domestic and foreign research status, expounds the research ideas and research methods, research difficulties and innovations; the second part.Full range,wide angle state Grid-based management and absorbing the relevant theoretical basis and practical experience,the study provides theoretical and practical foundation of writing proposition;the third part elaborated the Xinjiang construction of main target Grid-based management system is to achieve social stability and long period of stability in Xinjiang,and summarize the specific tasks around the general goal the fourth part;mainly based on empirical research and theoretical data describes the current situation of the construction of Xinjiang Grid-based management,mainly from the implementation background and basic situation,The effectiveness and implementation of the main method,main risks and potential risks,the basic experience and the existing limitations and other aspects;the fifth part,the existing problems including non Grid-based management system to reveal the governance implementation and operation process,and has summarized the problems;the sixth part,according to the main problems existing in the Grid-based management in the process of building,combined with good results and experience at home and abroad,puts forward the optimization scheme is feasible.

Chinese Abstract