The Xinjiang Data Project

The Xinjiang Data Project employs a range of materials, from open-source satellite images to empirical research, to analyze the ongoing human rights abuses against non-Han populations in Xinjiang. The project focuses on the utilization of surveillance technologies to police non-Han communities, the proliferation of the “re-education campaign”, and forced labour practices within the supply chain. The project uses interactive mapping to highlight the creation of “mass internment camps” and the “deliberate destruction of cultural heritage sites”.

Xinjiang Victim Database

This source provides up-to-date records of all currently known victims to have been detained in the camps. The platform also allows families of the victims to add their grievances against the current situation in Xinjiang

Uyghur Transitional Justice Database

The Uyghur Transitional Justice Database is a Norwegian-based project which records disappeared and extra-judicially detained Uyghurs in the East Turkestan region.

Uyghur Pulse Project

The Uyghur Pulse Project is a YouTube channel where individuals provide video testimonies of victims who have been detained in the camps.