Art of Life in Chinese Central Asia

In collaboration with Uyghur, Han and Kazakh writers and other non-Chinese scholars and artists, Art of Life is a project led by Darren Byler, which shows the emerging art and politics in Central Asia.

Camp Album Project

The Camp Album Project is a series created by Yi Xiaocuo (pseudonym) grew up as a member of an ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang and is now in North America. Witnessing many friends and colleagues from Xinjiang who are fighting anxiety and depression alone, Yi Xiaocuo launched the project to document people’s lived experiences of suffering from family separation, guilt, and fear dealing with the Chinese state’s atrocities in their traditional ancestral homeland.

Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross’ photo collective documents her experiences travelling in Xinjiang and the cultural nuances of the Uyghur people. Additionally, her podcast on HyperAllergic also discusses her experience travelling in the region.

Asman Collective

The Asman Collective formed as an action group in order to preserve Uyghur memory and identity following Chinese policies to wipe out its culture. Consisting of filmmakers, artists, and photographers, the immediate goal of the project is to honour the customs that have been criminalized by the Chinese regime as well as record and retell stories from Uyghur society.